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I don’t think there is anything I can write that will do justice to the level of help that Natara has provided in our sessions over this last year. Her depth of knowledge, capacity to understand, and vast training combines exponentially to facilitate healing on every level of my being - Body, Mind, and Spirit.  Natara is gifted in every way!  Her depth and skills are far-reaching, and her wisdom shines as she helps me find new possibilities.  I feel blessed to have her to help me stay in balance during so much of my growth as both a Shaman and Naturopath, and to come out in such a positive space in my professional and personal life.  Everyone should experience the gifts of such an advanced Shamanic Healer.  

Thanks, thanks, thanks!..........  R Leah Moon, ND, ThM, SEMP, Amarillo, TX

Natara is a kind, compassionate and gentle soul who is highly talented and trained in Shamanism.  She has many years of practice behind her as well.  I have received five shamanic healing sessions by phone, and I can say they have positively affected my life at a very deep transformative level.  Natara's intuition and ability to access helping spirits is amazing, really beyond words.  Everything she does is with the client's permission.  Before and after the session, she is there to guide and support.  I have used many healing modalities, including counseling, meditation, affirmations, etc. which helped somewhat but left me feeling as if they couldn't quite reach deep enough to contact and resolve the real problem.  Each session I had with Natara went progressively deeper and when ancestral healing was done, the effects rippled through me, healing the original ancestral wound that had been passed down through generations.  Whether you seek physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing, I highly recommend Natara........... K.S.  Pueblo, CO.

Natara brings wisdom and enlightenment to her work. Intuitively hearing what your spirit is seeking, Natara uses her truth to light the way for you to find yours. This is so important for the time we find ourselves in today. As we bring about the shifts in consciousness we have destined to meet, we need not only guidance but teachers who are willing to give us the tools we so desperately need. If you have ever dreamed there is a higher awareness calling your name, working with Natara will make it manifest.........  Michelle Vidal / Resonant Essentials, Albuquerque, N.M.

I have had several wonderful experiences with Natara.  When I was facing surgery, she cleared the OR and staff which made my experience peaceful and productive.  One cannot say what it would have been if she had not done the clearing.

My other experience was during a Shamanic session.  She led me to discover what had been a serious impediment to my well being which had come up in my life many times.  After a long meditation, I found myself confronting the feeling of helplessness.  WIth Natara's wisdom and guidance, we looked at all the times I had felt helpless and eventually when we were done, I found it to be harmless. What a liberating experience and I thank Natara for the help in finding that place of peace and freedom.  Natara has peace and wisdom that pervades her.  She is a joy to be around and learn from.  She is calm and patient and very willing to do the work to provide help to her clients.  I find her to be one of a kind.  A true healer.    .............. M.C.  Albuquerque, N.M.

I met Natara at the age of 27, four years ago. I come from a lineage of gifts, but was never fully taught about them all. Our paths crossed for a reason and Natara has been a bright energy in my life since. Not only through methodical, but serious conversation has Natara never failed to shine and provide guidance. I sought Natara’s services and guidance when my grandmother passed away and contacted me long enough to let me know she hadn’t made it to where she was going after death and was lost; I didn’t know where to start to find her spirit to help.  Immediately Natara went to work and next I knew we were having a sacred, energy-enhancing ceremony to find my grandmother’s spirit and help to safely lead her to the light. This experience and every one prior has been of rich leadership through Natara’s many years of study and personal calling to enrich the lives of others through spiritual guidance and healing.  THANK YOU, Natara, for being such a wonderful soul. ........... D.V. Albuquerque, N.M.

I went to see Natara for spiritual healing and she worked with me to heal a number of traumas on a spiritual and physical level. She provided guidance, comfort, and all-around safe space to work on easing my struggles. I would recommend seeing her to anyone looking for spiritual counsel.   .............. R.S. Rio Rancho, NM

My relationship with Natara has been serendipitous from the start.  I attended a Mind, Body and Spirit event where Natara was speaking and sharing her wisdom and gifts.  I was the "lucky" winner of a free session.  As a curious skeptic I accepted a gift of a quantum healing session.  The session opened up my mind, body and soul to a different level of awareness.  It was  a truly spiritual awakening.  Natara is an exceptional find.  Coupled with years of experience, studying with healing masters around the world, and a true passion to share her gifts.  Natara is a wonderful person to have on your side.  I am grateful for the relationship I'm fortunate to have and would recommend exploring spirituality with the guidance of Natara.  ............... E. V. Albuquerque, NM

Natara helped me process some significant trauma related to a family crisis.  She gave me the insight and guidance necessary to put my situation in perspective and begin the healing process.  She is kind, loving and knowledgeable and I would recommend her services to anyone seeking to improve the quality of their physical and spiritual life. .............A.S.  Rio Rancho, NM                                                                             



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