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When we experience a traumatic incident such as emotional, mental or physical abuse, extreme illness, injury,  surgery, acts of war, a natural disaster, near death, divorce, bullying or the death of a loved one, it can create soul loss. This occurs when a part of one’s self or vital force separates from the physical body to avoid the pain of a traumatic experience.  Soul loss leaves an empty space in our energy field that leaves us vulnerable to heavy energies and spiritual intrusions.


Everything is energy including our thoughts and emotions.  When there is conflict or strong thoughts and emotions are expressed towards another person such as anger, envy, jealousy, or hatred, these toxic thoughts and emotions can go into their Luminous Energy Field (LEF) as toxic energy and if not removed, can embed in the physical body as crystallized or hardened energy, sometimes causing pain, discomfort or disease.  Through the Illumination process, the crystallized energy is removed and that area of the energy field is restored and healed.  


When someone dies suddenly due to an accident, trauma, heart attack, suicide, sudden infant death syndrome, during surgery or any other similar event, instead of crossing over, their Soul or Luminous Body can become earthbound and attach to a relative, loved one, friend or someone who has an affinity with them. The lost soul attaches to a person’s chakra and through it then connects to their central nervous system.  Many psychological and physical problems are caused or exacerbated by them, including anxiety, depression, addictions, mood swings, and a host of other symptoms.


During the healing session, the lost soul is coaxed to leave and then removed so that it can make its transition to the other side.  Once the spiritual intrusion is set free, a person can more readily change his/her behavior and often experiences spontaneous healing.

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