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Shamanic Journeying - Energy Healing of the Andes

This is an ancient Spiritual Technique that can provide Spiritual Guidance, practical information, answer questions, solve problems, provide Insight, Counseling, Support and Healing.  It is a powerful form of meditation that has been used for thousands of years by indigenous healers, shamans, medicine men and women, trained practitioners and laypeople


This is a practice of direct revelation through the  gateway from the seen to the unseen worlds in order to address the spiritual aspects of emotional and physical illness, perform soul retrievals, power animal retrievals, gather information, assist the deceased in crossing over and perform ceremonies.

I use this meditative practice in all energy healng sessions with clients to discover the core issue(s) that are influencing their life and preventing them from thriving and having successful outcomes.

​Whether it is related to health, career, anxiety, relationships, life transitions and so much more.


Often, there are underlying beliefs, attitudes and behavioral patterns acquired at an early age or through traumatic experiences that create obstacles to a life filled with meaning and purpose.  There can also be ancestral trauma that is passed down from generation to generation.

Most important is for the client to have a clear intention or purpose for the healing session. During this process, the client sits comfortably while I drum and rattle to facilitate a state of deep relaxation.


Once the core issue has been discovered, then the appropriate healing practice, which is shared in my offerings, is used to create positive changes, wholeness and a new path to freedom.

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