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Land Blessings | Home Blessings


LAND is considered sacred and a Blessing Ceremony is performed to honor, protect and create a positive environment for all who live on the land so that it will be a tranquil sanctuary and the owners will live in harmony, peace and respect with the land and with one another.

Every Ceremony begins with calling in The Four Directions of the Medicine Wheel: South, North, West, East and the Earth below and Heavens above. The Ancestors and Nature Spirits (plants, trees, flowers) of the land are honored and recognized as well as the four elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire that nourish and give us life.

Blessings are personalized and the new owners are an important part of it so that they come into Ayni (right relationship) with the land and all that it will provide for them

HOME Blessings are performed similar to a Land blessing, holding the intention for it to be a place of peace, beauty, love, harmony, support, respect, creation.  It is always personalized so that the owner(s) bring the qualities they wish to have in their home and what it means for them.  It may begin by clearing the home from all energies that have previously occupied it, using Sage or a Candle, so as to create a new environment.

BUSINESS Blessings are performed holding the intention for creation, vision, mission, growth, prosperity, success, balance, harmony, and supportive relationships with all involved so that everyone may thrive.  The Blessing is personalized with what the Owner envisions for his/her business, what it provides and those it serves.

Land Blessing Despacho


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