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​A Despacho is a prayer bundle or offering.  It is an ancient and powerful ceremony that has been used for hundreds of years throughout the high Andes. It can be performed for mental, emotional or physical healing, harmonizing relationships, new beginnings, seeking abundance, specific goals, births, deaths, gratitude and the blessing of a home, land or new business. The most important part of the Despacho is the Intention, for whatever you truly intend, a Despacho can be created for it. 

It is a sacred ceremony of creation and holds symbolic elements from nature along with the intention and prayers of the participant(s) that can bring change and healing.

It is made up of natural elements such as incense, nuts, seeds, herbs, flowers, leaves and corn.  Each one is symbolic and supports the intention.  Prayers are said and gently blown into each element and placed in a circular pattern.  These elements strengthen the intention and prayers. As this occurs, how they fall, the patterns that form, can provide information as to the intention.  Gratitude and an open heart are important throughout the ceremony.

Once completed, the Despacho is carefully wrapped and tied with a ribbon or string. The bundle can be ceremonially buried in Pachamama for slow, steady results; burned, releasing the intention to the Apus (Mountain Spirits) for quicker changes or placed in running waters. This releases the gifts, intention and prayers held within the bundle to Spirit. 


The last element is the commitment to hold the intention and the spirit of the Despacho yet detach from the outcome such as the form, timing or how it will arrive, for it can be so much more than imagined.

Andean Despacho | Prayer Bundle

Natara performing a Despacho Ceremony

Andean Despaco | Prayer Bundle

Despacho Ceremony Blessing New Business

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