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An Ancient Practice for Modern Times

The practice of Journeying is a path that leads to personal empowerment.  It will deepen and expand your Spiritual Life in ways that you cannot imagine.  It gives us a way to meet and establish relationships with our Spirit Guides, Guardians and Spiritual Teachers to receive healing, insight and guidance for all practical aspects of our lives particularly in these changing times. Through this technique, we can gain knowledge, make positive decisions, discover our true purpose, live our full creative potential, bring our lives into balance, harmony and well-being.

It is a powerful Spiritual Technique, that with training, practice and focus, can be learned by anyone and used for personal guidance and transformation. It is a joyful practice that has no bounds; it is limitless, practical, expansive, deeply spiritual and can be used for the rest of your life. 

Classes offered are for an individual or a group. Three classes will provide you with a foundation to begin to Journey on your own and in groups or circles.  

Shamanic Journeying Classes

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