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Energy Healing of the Andes  -  Energy Medicine and Andean Wisdom


Andean Energy Healing illumination

 by Alex Grey



The Illumination is an Energy Medicine process and lies at the center of Energy Healing of the Andes. It Transforms Heavy Energies into Light and transforms emotional wounds and trauma into sources of wisdom and strength. It is an integral part of the "Andean Energy Healing Session" that I offer. 


In the Andean tradition, energy is neither good or bad.  It is how it is expressed in our behavior, actions, and emotions that matters. Energies are either Light (Sami), which support life, or heavy (Hucha) which create disharmony and illness. 

The Luminous Energy Field (LEF) surrounds the physical body and is formed from the 8 primary energy centers (Chakras). The LEF holds and stores as imprints all of one’s personal history and life experiences such as traumatic events, illness, conflicts, generational trauma, family dysfunction and genetic history.  Imprints can also be inherited from your ancestors and your parents. 


When activated, these imprints predispose us to a certain life, behaviors, attraction to certain people, relationships, accidents and illness, all of which are the result of the original traumatic event or wounding. Until the imprints are removed, personal history continues to repeat itself. 

Every imprint is connected to a chakra and can release toxic information and energies into the central nervous system.  It is through the Illumination Process that these imprints are removed and their toxic energies cleared from the affected Chakra(s), which are then re-informed and filled with Spiritual Light that is distributed throughout the LEF. This energy system when clear, creates health and a life filled with meaning.

Only one healing issue and one Chakra should be worked on during an Illumination session.  It is also important to realize that in working with chronic illness, extreme or repeated traumas, anxiety disorders and the like, on-going sessions over a period of time may be necessary for clearing more than one Chakra. 


Separate sessions may also be necessary for soul retrievals and the removal of toxic energies or spiritual intrusions if present.  Though amazing effects often result from one or two sessions, it is important to know that this is a healing process that requires a certain level of commitment.

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