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From the earliest of times, cultures have used animals as totems that were sacred objects and symbols representing the tribe, family or individual.  Each had qualities, traits, values, personality and sometimes healing, which are often told in stories, songs and dance.

Animals represent different nations throughout the world. The Eagle is the symbol for America, the Bear for the former Soviet Union. In Western Medicine, the

symbol of the Snake wrapped around a staff comes from Greek mythology to restore the health of the sick. Both the zodiac and Chinese calendar have animals as

symbols with meaning.

A Power Animal Retrieval can provide a powerful healing. It is a helping Spirit, Guardian or Teacher who volunteers to come into a person's life for a specific reason and may have information, teachings, guidance or offer

protection. This can fill a person with a tremendous amount of spiritual assistance to help them through whatever challenges they are going through in their lives.

It is pure Energy that uses the form of an animal or a person such as a god, goddess, religious figure, a

historical figure, mystic or deceased relative, as a way

to communicate.


The form that a power animal or guardian takes is also a message to the person and has meaning. The power animal may be very active or it provides support but

in a less active role.  It is important to be open to

receive whoever returns as their form has no bearing

on their power.  A squirrel has as much power to assist

as an Eagle or a Bear.

Power Animal Retrieval

© Johanna Pieterman -

In performing a Power Animal Retrieval for a client, I use the spiritual meditative practice of journeying, to retrieve their power animal and ask why it has volunteered to come into their life.  In what way will it be helping them? Does it have something to teach them? What are its unique gifts?  Is it here for protection?

​​A Power Animal Retrieval can also be done for a couple to assist with issues that may be affecting their relationship; a family for assistance with conflict and emotional wounds or an organization or group to restore cohesiveness, enhance creativity and success as well as balance and harmony.

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