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When it is time to leave this life there is an Andean spiritual process that liberates, provides closure and assists one in dying consciously in a state of peace and grace.

​During the period of transition, the person is gently guided to review their life, to tell their story, share their joys, experiences, relationships and contributions.  It is a time to express gratitude, forgive oneself and others, to let go and say your goodbyes. This is called the life review or recapitulation.

During the life review, an Illumination is performed which clears each of the chakras (energy centers) of toxic energies that have accumulated during a lifetime, and then balances them.

If possible, it is important for all immediate family members to express their love and forgiveness and give permission to their loved one to pass.  This can be done with words or through a blessing or a prayer.

Energy Healing of the Andes

Gilbert Williams

At the time of death or immediately after, the Andean Death Rites are performed that disengage the chakras from the Luminous Body or Aura so the Soul/Spirit is free and can easily make a peaceful passage home.  This entire process will take four sessions.


​​When someone dies suddenly due to an accident, trauma, heart attack, suicide, sudden infant death syndrome, during surgery or any other similar event, instead of crossing over, their Soul or Luminous Body may become earthbound.

​​Through the spiritual practice of Journeying, the departed is found and their Luminous Body brought back to this world where an Illumination is performed; clearing out their chakras of heavy energies and filling each with spiritual Light. Lastly, the Andean Deaths Rites are performed, unwinding the chakras so they disengage from the Soul or Luminous Body which is then lifted up and sent home.

If family or friends are present, the departed may have a message for them or they may remain silent.

This is a great comfort and true gift for the loved one who has passed and for those who are grieving their loss knowing that their loved one has crossed over into the Light and made their final passage Home.                             

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