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soul retrieval, energy healing of the andes

​Soul Retrieval is a Spiritual Healing Practice used by indigenous cultures throughout the world for over thousands of years and can be the cornerstone for profound healing.

The Soul is our essential self, our life force, our vitality that allows us to fully engage with life and keeps us alive.

Soul loss occurs when a part of one’s vital force separates from the physical body to avoid experiencing the pain of a traumatic event. It can be emotional, mental or physical abuse, extreme illness, injury, an accident, surgery, acts of war, a natural disaster, near death, divorce, bullying, the death of a loved one, loss of home, finances or other.

It can be a single event, repeated events or a long period of overwhelming stress that is influencing and affecting your life. Psychology refers to this as disassociation; indigenous cultures refer to it as soul loss. 

There are many symptoms of soul loss such as depression, despair, PTSD, a feeling of being incomplete, an inability to remember parts of your life, lack of enthusiasm, not feeling fully in one's body and engaged in life or never feeling the same after an event such as grief and loss. 

Soul Retrieval is a very deep process in which I Journey for a client to discover the spiritual cause of soul loss, the pledge made during the traumatic event to keep safe, and to find the soul part that is healed and ready to return. 

When a part of one’s vitality (soul part) returns, it is a celebration; a reclaiming of one’s self and receiving all of the gifts that it will bring back into your life.  It is the path to freedom and wholeness.  

Afterwards, lifestyle changes may be necessary to support the healing process.  The client is assisted in processing and integrating the return of their vital force and how to continue with integration.  Now the client can choose their destiny rather than be left to fate.

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