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A very warm welcome to you.  I am so pleased that you chose to visit my website and for your interest in my Offerings. It is my sincere hope that when you leave, you will have more than when you arrived.

We are living in times of tremendous change and uncertainty throughout the world, in our communities, workplace, business and in our personal lives.  Here you will find  information and healing offerings that can restore health, resilience, hope, meaning, purpose and a sense of well-being that are necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world.

The Q’ero of Peru are weavers of energy and carriers of Andean wisdom. Their healers are called Paqos and are in a constant state of prayer and ceremony and live as light beings on earth for the benefit of all humanity.  They live a sacred and simple life, high in the Andes so they can preserve their culture and spiritual practices.

​The Paqos have held a sacred prophecy that foretold of the chaos that we are now experiencing.  They believe that we are constantly dreaming the world into being with our thoughts, beliefs and actions.  Whatever we think, feel and how we behave is reflected in our relationships and in the quality of our lives. They have been holding powerful ceremonies at sacred sites for all of humanity to awaken, heal and create a different world, from a higher level of consciousness; one that holds peace, hope, kindness and reciprocity.

They also saw that it was time to share their knowledge, wisdom and ancient healing practices with those who would be coming from western civilizations and other parts of the world so that they can be used in contemporary times for healing, change and transformation.

​This site was created as a sacred place of Light and Vision for you to explore.   May you find inspiration and discover new Spiritual tools for insight, guidance and healing. This is the time to create a new vision and dream a new way into being for yourself and all of humanity.

ENERGY HEALING OF THE ANDES - NEW MEXICO  1-505-273-0588    innerlight@q.com

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